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    Kingsway is doing its best to provide timely and convenient service support for the customers, the contents of services including: before-sale technical counseling,   field installation, operate technical training, application solution training and troubleshooting support, etc. You can gain service support from our distributors in your region.

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  • What Kind of Warranty do JSW UV Printer Provide?

    Except for the consumables, the whole machine has one year limited warranty, the circuit board warranty for one year.

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  • Is the UV Ink Eco-Friendly? What Kind of Precaution is Needed When Using UV Printer?

    The UV ink don't contain the VOC which is harmful for human, but the un-cured UV ink is still not allowed to contact with the body directly. A long term of direct contact with UV ink may stimulate the skin and the eyes or even cause chemical allergy to the skin.  

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UV Printing in Clean Technology

2020-04-30 17:43

UV has been utilized in the printing business for a long time, and UV LED printing is changing working financial matters, framework abilities and the natural impacts of printing. While UV and customary printing use nearly a similar printing forms, UV LED relieving has turned into a standard printing technique because of its capacity to give faster creation speeds, less waste, and lower running expenses. It likewise gives a predominant by and large print quality, and in addition being viewed as a green innovation with no carbon impression.



What are the Differences Between UV and Conventional Printing?

The contrasts among UV and ordinary printing are in the sorts of inks utilized and the procedures used to dry the inks.

Traditional printing utilizes dissolvable inks, which have various ecological downsides. Dissolvable inks vanish and discharge unpredictable natural mixes, or VOCs, into the air. VOCs can be found in an enormous scope of purchaser items, and are not one of a kind to dissolvable printing inks. Momentary introduction to VOCs can result in disturbance of the eyes and respiratory framework and cerebral pains, and long haul presentation can result in harm to the liver, kidneys and focal sensory system. Furthermore to VOC discharge, dissolvable inks can expect powders to enable the drying to process, which further increments regular printing's natural effect, and additionally adding time to the general printing process.

As far as print quality, dissolvable inks are consumed into the paper, which means the final product can lose energy, and diverse kinds of paper can require limitlessly unique drying times. As dissolvable inks should be retained into the material they are imprinted on, they can't be utilized on materials, for example, acrylic, plastic, thwart, or glass.

In UV printing, inks are dried through photomechanical procedures, utilizing light rather than warmth. Inks are presented to UV light amid the printing procedure to be restored quickly. All things considered, they discharge no VOCs into the air and print quality is unfathomably enhanced as UV inks don't should be consumed by the material they are imprinted onto.


How Does UV Printing Work?

The UV relieving process includes a concoction response amid which fluid monomers, oligomers and photoinitiators solidify when presented to UV light because of synthetic cross connecting. In dissolvable inks, the vanishing implied that the coatings, inks or glues connected to the printing material shrank by the greater part, diminishing the thickness of the covering and decreasing by and large quality.

An UV printing framework is comprised of compartments in which separate hues are connected to the material. Clear printing material is gone through the principal compartment of the framework, either from a roll or as prepared cut sheets, and from that point every compartment prints a shading and fixes it before the following arrangement of shading is connected. The moment restoring results in less draining or smearing and less dismissals or re-prints, again decreasing UV relieving's ecological effect.


What is UV Printing Used for?

The scope of uses for UV LED printing is greatly huge, making it an extremely appealing alternative over conventional printing choices. Items that can be upgraded by UV LED printing include:

Container Printing
Jug marking is a typical utilization of UV LED relieving innovation, and reaches out to printing straightforwardly onto tube shaped compartments.

Restorative Labels
UV LED innovation has additionally discovered its place in the pharmaceutical business. UV LED is can work without infrared radiation and in clean room conditions.

Sign Making and Large Format Printing
UV LED relieving enhances generation times and quality for items made in the sign making industry, and in addition enlarging the scope of media that can be imprinted on for this reason. It is a progressively temperate arrangement with lower add up to expenses of proprietorship, and items are all the more hard-wearing and are less powerless to blurring.

3D Products
UV LED gives littler machines that can print on warmth touchy materials. In 3D printing, each layer is relieved specifically in the wake of streaming, which wipes out the requirement for post-restoring. Adornments, footwear, models, car parts and numerous different items can be made with UV LED restoring innovation.

UV LED relieving can likewise be utilized in advanced inkjet, flexographic and screen printing forms, among others.

There are an incredible number of advantages both to the client and the earth in UV LED restoring. UV LED dispenses with hurtful side-effects of printing, for example, ozone and VOCs, and keeping in mind that UV quartz mercury lights are accessible for UV printing, UV LED includes extra advantages in disposing of mercury from the procedure inside and out, accordingly enhancing security for clients. UV LED additionally brings down working expenses as it very well may be turned on and off quickly, which means the printing unit will possibly work when important and no cooling occasions are required in the middle of employments. UV LED likewise has a lower control utilization rate and a more drawn out lifetime, which means it has an unfathomably lower affect on the earth.