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  • How to Acquire for Service Support?

    Kingsway is doing its best to provide timely and convenient service support for the customers, the contents of services including: before-sale technical counseling,   field installation, operate technical training, application solution training and troubleshooting support, etc. You can gain service support from our distributors in your region.

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  • What Kind of Warranty do JSW UV Printer Provide?

    Except for the consumables, the whole machine has one year limited warranty, the circuit board warranty for one year.

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  • Is the UV Ink Eco-Friendly? What Kind of Precaution is Needed When Using UV Printer?

    The UV ink don't contain the VOC which is harmful for human, but the un-cured UV ink is still not allowed to contact with the body directly. A long term of direct contact with UV ink may stimulate the skin and the eyes or even cause chemical allergy to the skin.  

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Digital UV Printing on Phone Case

2020-04-30 15:05

The mobile back cover printing machine is a new generation of high technology digital printing equipment without limitation of any material, can replace silk printing, pad printing, transfer printing. Besides, the phone shell printer makes colored printing, produce higher quality than traditional way without plate and chromatography. Meanwhile, the equipment can print any picture in the computer directly. All the material can be printed out the picture in rich color and vivid effect, which is protected from water, sun block, wear and fading. Therefore, it can totally meet the mass production requirement of all lines, and significantly improve the enterprises market competition ability.

Application Solutions of UV Digital Smartphone Case Printer (Cell Phone Case Printer)

JSW's F2513G mobile cover photo printing machine is a type of hi-precision UV flatbed printer specially designed for personalized processing enterprises to meet their high accuracy and personalized requirements. Equipped with 2-4 Kyocera KJ4A grey-scale piezoelectric print heads, the F2513G UV phone case printer can print in hi-speed as well as hi-precision in 8 colors 1200*1200 DPI. The draft print speed up to 45㎡/h. which balanced the needs of speed and the output quality.

Targeted Application Field of Mobile Back Cover Photo Printing Machine

The phone shell printing get a promise future, because its variety of material to choose, such as, phone shell, notebook cover, laptop cover, and so on; and the jelly shell, pudding shell, silicon shell, the mobile power shell, USB cover, and even the panel of home appliances can be print on directly. 


Digital UV Printing on Phone Case